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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use a gift deed?When you want proof that a gift that is being made without conditions or in exchange for compensation. It is also useful for giving a gift that will be received at a later time.Can I use a gift deed to donate to charity?Yes. You can use a gift deed to donate property or make a monetary gift to a charity.What is a revocable gift?When you use a revocable gift deed you reserve the right to void the gift at any time before the property is transferred to the recipient.

A revocable gift counts towards the value of your estate. If you want to reduce the size of your estate for tax purposes then you should use an irrevocable gift.

Gift Info


Be as descriptive as possible. Include any serial numbers and visually unique features. It is also useful to describe the condition (e.g. mileage) if the gift is being given immediately.

Recipient Info

Who will be receiving the gift?


Donor Info

Who is giving the gift?


Agent Info

Who will act on behalf of the donor to ensure the recipient receives the gift?

First Agent Choice


Alternate Agent Choice if First Choice is Unavailable


Signing Info

Where will you sign this gift deed?


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