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A sales agreement is a contract where the details of a future sale are agreed on, and all terms required to execute the sale are outlined. With our sales agreement you can create your own terms and set the price, date of sale, down payment, delivery location, warranty details and more.

A bill of sale is ideal for a completed transaction, where the full price is paid and goods have been delivered.

Note: The Sales Agreement form is not meant for the sale of real estate, stocks, or shares. If you are selling real estate, please use our Real Estate Purchase Agreement. For the sale of stocks or shares, try our Share Purchase Agreement.

Sales Agreement Details
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Location of Property: Q. What is the location of the property? A. The location of the property is the jurisdiction where the property is situated in at the time of the sale.
(e.g. Orange)
ZIP Code:
Number of Sellers: One Two
(e.g. Orange)
ZIP Code:
Number of Purchasers: One Two
Price (sales tax included): Currency:
Form of Payment: Q. How do I obtain a promissory note? A. The promissory note is a separate document and is not part of this agreement. If a promissory note is required, then it must be purchased separately.
Details of the Seller's Goods and/or Services Q. Can I use the Sales Agreement to transfer real estate? A. No, there are a number of issues not addressed in the Sales Agreement that a real estate transfer must contain. To transfer real estate, use our Real Estate Purchasing Agreement instead.
Delivery Date
Date:  (e.g. December 5, 2021 or leave empty for a blank line)
When should the payment be made?
When Purchaser receives the Goods or Bill of Sale
When Seller delivers the Goods to Carrier or Bill of Sale to Purchaser
Delivery Location
Purchaser will receive the Goods at:

Location where Goods to be delivered:
(eg. 23, 12345 Bay Road, City, State, Country)

Additional Clauses
How Many Additional Clauses do you want to create?
First Additional Clause:

Second Additional Clause:

Third Additional Clause:

Fourth Additional Clause: