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Will there be a shareholders' meeting?

Shareholders will meet<br/>in person (Minutes)
Shareholders will pass written<br/>resolutions without meeting

What is the name of the corporation?

Was the corporation incorporated in Alberta?


What was the address of the meeting?

(e.g. Street, City, Province or Territory, Postal Code)

When did the meeting take place?

Who was the chairperson at the meeting?

Who was the secretary at the meeting?

Who are the Shareholders of the corporation?

Were all of the Shareholders present?


Which shareholders were present at the meeting?

What are the resolutions?

e.g. The following persons are appointed as the directors of the Corporation for a term equal to the greater of one year or until replaced: John Doe and Jane Smith.

Does the resolution take effect on the meeting date?


When is the resolution being signed?

Does the resolution take effect on the same day as signed?

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