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What Is a Cleaning Services Agreement?

A Cleaning Services Agreement is a contract made between a party who wants cleaning services (such as a property manager, office manager, building management company, or private homeowner) and an individual or business (like a commercial janitorial services company or carpet cleaning company) that provides cleaning services.

A Cleaning Services Agreement is sometimes referred to as a/an:

  • Cleaning Company Contract
  • Cleaning Service Contract
  • Commercial Cleaning Contract
  • House Cleaning Agreement
  • Janitorial Services Contract
  • Office Cleaning Contract
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What Can I Include in a Cleaning Services Agreement?

A Cleaning Services Agreement specifies the type of cleaning service provided and the frequency of the job (such as a recurring housekeeping or commercial cleaning service that is done daily, weekly, or monthly).

In addition to the type and frequency of the service, a cleaning service contract can also be used to list:

  • Payment details, such as whether a deposit would be required, how the service will be paid for (such as check, cash, money order, credit card, or interac etransfer), and if the service will be paid at an hourly rate or flat rate
  • The location and time that the service will take place
  • Contact information for the client (party who needs the cleaning service) and the party providing the cleaning service (like a commercial cleaning company)
  • What materials and equipment will be used and who is responsible for providing them

When Should I Use a Cleaning Services Agreement?

You should use a Cleaning Services Agreement if you are an individual or company, such as a dry-cleaning business owner or a janitor, that wants to provide cleaning services to others.

Using a cleaning service contract allows you to:

  • Manage your clients
  • Maintain your self-employment or business records
  • Ensure you have legal recourse in the event of a dispute over payment or services provided

In other words, having a written agreement benefits all parties involved in the cleaning service in that all the terms and conditions of the service are recorded so they can be referred to in the future if required.

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Do I Need Another Type of Contract?

You may find our other service agreements useful:

  • A Catering Contract can be used to cover compensation and event details for a catering service.
  • A Child Care Contract can be used to set out the terms and conditions of child care for a child care provider.
  • A Computer Services Agreement can be used to outline the details of computer-based services, like repairs, and hardware or software installations and updates.
  • A Consulting Agreement can be used to determine the services that a freelancer or consultant will provide to a client.
  • A Service Agreement can be used as a general document to record the details of a given service between a service provider and a customer or client.
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