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What Is an Amending Agreement?

An Amending Agreement, also known as an addendum, addendum to contract, or contract amendment, is:

  • A document used to amend, or change the terms of an existing contract between one or more parties
  • A record of the amendments made to real estate, employment, financial, or other documents
  • An acknowledgment of consent to the changes by both parties
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Why Would I Need to Amend a Contract?

A contract can be changed for a variety of reasons.

Some common examples include:

  • Revising the obligations of a landlord or tenant in a Lease Agreement
  • Altering the payment amounts or due dates of a Loan Agreement
  • Changing employee policies or benefits in an Employment Contract
  • Extending a freelancer's contract in a Service Agreement
  • Adjusting child support payments in a Separation Agreement

Why Should I Use an Amending Agreement?

If you need to change the terms of your contract, it's a
good idea to use an Amending Agreement in order to:

  • Keep your original contract in place
  • Obtain the consent of all parties with their signatures
  • Make your changes legally binding
  • Have a written record that you can refer to in case of a misunderstanding
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What Information Do I Include in My Amending Agreement?

In addition to the amendments, your Amending Agreement should contain the following details:

  • Number of times your contract has been previously amended
  • Names of the parties
  • Signing date of the original contract
  • Purpose of the original contract

Should I Make an Amendment or
Create a New Contract?

Generally, you should create a new contract if:

  • The amendments will significantly change the original arrangement
  • You have numerous changes to make (our form allows
    up to five amendments)
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